Bionic Flower - experimental kit

Order number : fesd-002

Robot flower with LEDs and sensors to promote creativity

The Bionic Flower is a construction kit inspired by the plant world. It opens and closes its petals in response to external influences such as approach or light. These mechanisms of action are simulated with sensors and actuators and can be learned in a playful way.

With the help of the construction kit,  you can build a mechanical drive unit and learn how it can react to changes in the environment. The Bionic Flower has 15 paper petals and a mechanism that opens and closes them. It is controlled via WiFi hotspot using mobile devices. Working with the robot flower in teams is recommended. The basic functions of the robotic flower can be used without programming.

You can experiment with the light and proximity sensors and adapt the control system to various scenarios. With the built-in LEDs, the Bionic Flower can respond to chosen stimuli with selected colors. You can design the petals according to your own ideas.

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